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Summer 2017  

Monday and Wednesdays

June 5th and 7th  

July 10th and 12th 

July 24 and 26th 

Ages 3-6    9:00am- 12:00pm

* Junior Assistants (7-9yrs) open to apply for the 9:00-12:00 session with their younger siblings. 

Ages 7-12   12:30pm- 3:30pm

$60.00 per week.

Must sign up for each individual session. (Session includes Monday/Wednesday)

Fall 2017

Monday  9:00am-12:00pm

3-5 years- PreSchool Class

5-7 years- Pre K/ HS Enrichment 

$95.00 a month per semester (August-December)

$25.00 registration fee.

Save your spot now!! LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

Arts and nature based enrichment program for preschoolers and homeschool kids!



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CAB LAB is taking it back to the place childhood should be spent : In the great outdoors! Students age 2 through 12 will spend their days exploring the environment around them and participating in hands on experimental learning. Children will participate in nature walks, foraging art projects, songs, stories, games, and much more! 

Our non- traditional classrooms both indoor and outdoor will inspire your child's creativity, imagination, and the desire to learn. Students are welcomed to tend the CAB gardens, so don't be surprised if your little one comes home with a tomato or cucumber that they have cared for and harvested themselves! 

Our Homestead Learning partner Freeman Farm will regularly bring farm animals by to share valuable husbandry skills with the students and they will even have a small chicken coop on site for hands on learning.

Additionally,  an eclectic mix of artists of the CAB will stop by to share their work and knowledge with students on a regular basis. 




Megan Ciccoline White

Megan is a mother of three and passionate about both arts and nature. 

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Lori Brown

Lori is a mother of two, musician, and Registered Dietician who  loves working with preschoolers and encouraging a holistic lifestyle.

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Tid Bits from the Lab

2017 Fall Semester Calendar

First Day: August 7th

Last Day:  December 18th

No School: 

September 4th (Labor Day)

October 2nd (Fall Break)

November 20th (Thanksgiving Break) 

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