Columbia Arts Building

Take a class....Get Artsy


Community Art & Craft Supply Swap : This is a free community event, however attendees must bring an item or items to swap.

Here ye, Here ye, fellow craft supply collectors: I see you with those unused skeins of yarn, with 23 pairs of scissors, with mounds of construction paper, art books on subjects you now have zero interest in, and various bags of pom poms of all sizes. I see you, because I am one of you. My name is __________, and I am a _________ hoarder…and its ok, cause I’m gonna head to the CAB and lighten my load and maybe find something artsy that I have been wanting to craft with!

This swap will take place on level one of the Columbia Arts Building. Enter through the double glass doors. the swap is open to art supplies, craft supplies, and books on arts and crafts. All items must be in clean and usable condition. Join us on Friday, June 28th from 6 to 7:30pm