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Teach a class or workshop at the CAB

We offer unique classes and workshops and are always looking to add to our diverse classroom. The CAB is currently booking for the Fall and Winter season 2019/2020. If you are interested in working with us, please complete the form below…..

Attention potential Artisan Instructors: Although we do pay each artists who teaches with us, this is not a “get rich” or reliable monthly income opportunity. Our local market dictates price point and some classes that would fetch a high dollar in Nashville, won’t do so here in Columbia. That is a-ok with us, but its important that our instructors realize we are spreading art and culture as a focus rather than seeking a large profit. We either pay by the hour ( and provide all supplies) or split the ticket price with the artist (artist provides all materials). Example: You want to teach a kids six week workshop and the materials needed are provided by the CAB. The CAB pays you a flat hourly rate and provides everything- all you need to do is provide the supply list and show up with your curriculum. Example #2: You want to teach a macrame class and will provide all materials for your class. You decide what you need to make per student (including materials) for the class to be worthy of your time and energy. We take this number and add 50% and that is the ticket price. The CAB will either agree or need further discussion on price point. CAB provides venue, website listing, social media exposure, paid advertising, class roster, payment processing, all logistics, and a CAB classroom representative to work with you before your class begins and to handle any issues with students and sign ins. We do not lease out space for outside art classes.

We offer a non compete platform wherein our artisan instructors have creative protection under their particular art form. Similar art types are welcome, however each class must be decidedly different from the next. Please consider this when crafting your class description. Currently represented we have beginner jewelry making, phone photography, crochet, homesteading, and an in house pottery program covering hand building and wheel throwing. Questions? email

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